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Promissory Note Sample:

However, the secured creditor’s lien on property survives the bankruptcy. The VIN is a number that is assigned to every vehicle and can contain both letters and numbers.

Lender’s Contact Information:

A date due will be indicated on the promissory note or it can be noted as “due on demand”. In this example, we selected “No-cosigner” since the borrower took out a secured loan by using his iPhone 7 as collateral.

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You can create an unlimited amount of promissory notes, for the minimum of one week and longer if you choose. It is worthwhile to do this, even if it means waiting longer for payment or extending additional credit. The Price is the total monetary value that the parties have agreed the goods being sold are worth.


In our example, the borrower has used their iPhone 7 as collateral to secure the loan with the Lender. If you are unsure as to your jurisdiction’s requirements, then you should have the Purchaser sign the Bill of Sale to ensure the sale is valid. This is done to restructure the payment scheme if the borrower cannot pay the loan. This is the contract between you and the bank, where you agree to repay the loan at a certain interest rate with monthly payments.

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Then we would add the Money Borrowed of $1,000 to the $25 of interest due which equals $1,025. Accounts activated after June 1, 2004 are due monthly with minimum payment of $40.00. Since there are 3 months we would divide $1,025 by 3 and the monthly payment amount would equal $341.67. BANCO REAL DEVELOPMENT BANK (now LBC Development Bank), Respondent. On October 3, 1986, TVI and two other video firms, Fox Video and Galactica Video, organized a new corporation named FGT Video Network Inc. (FGT).

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We should also note here that our promissory note is set up in a very professional yet clear format for you to use. Be careful of related entities to make sure that the signature on your security agreement matches the correct legal name of the debtor. The carpentry subcontractor should use the funds promptly to pay the lumber supplier, payroll and other vendors.

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On April 29, 1991, the trial court rendered a Decision, holding that: “As by these considerations, the Court finds that TVI was the mere alter ego or business conduit of Yotoko and Mendoza, and additionally considering 1) that Mendoza disclaimed knowledge of the whereabouts of the TVI mortgaged property at the time plaintiff’s petition for extrajudicial foreclosure was being effected, and 2) that Mendoza and Yotoko transferred the mortgaged property to FGT without first securing plaintiff’s consent despite their awareness that under the chattel mortgage, such consent was necessary, the doctrine of corporate entity must be pierced and the two must be held personally liable for TVI’s obligation to plaintiff for said doctrine cannot be used to defeat public convenience, justify wrong, protect fraud or avoid a legal obligation.” The dispositive portion of the trial court’s Decision reads: “WHEREFORE, judgment is hereby rendered in favor of plaintiff and against defendants TECHNICA VIDEO, INC., Mendoza and Yotoko, ordering them, 1) to pay plaintiff the sum of P500,000.00 plus interests, charges and penalties as agreed upon in the promissory note of September 11, 1985, until the same is fully paid; 2) to pay plaintiff the sum equivalent to ten (10%) of the total unpaid obligation as and for attorney’s fees, and 3) to pay the costs. Stocks, Bonds and Negotiable Instruments Negotiable instruments are promissory notes or checks.