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We are a small business, and the cost to have an attorney draw up this agreement is hard on a small business. With more than 15 years of professional writing experience, Kimberlee finds it fun to take technical mumbo-jumbo and make it fun!

How to Write –

Signatures Once complete, the loan contract should be signed by both the lender and borrower to bind the terms. This form allows the parties to contract for a number of terms including how… DOWNLOAD this Pennsylvania Promissory Note Form to document a lending agreement between two parties in Pennsylvania. Screening potential borrowers is crucial for preventing this situation.

Default and Acceleration of Debt

If this Note is given to an attorney for collection or enforcement, or if suit is brought for collection or enforcement, or if it is collected or enforced through probate, bankruptcy, or other judicial proceeding, then Borrower shall pay Payee all costs of collection and enforcement, including reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs in addition to other amounts due. A Texas promissory note cannot have conditional payment terms and it cannot include an interest rate of more than 18%. © 2012-2018 King Street Labs LLC

Instructions for free Promissory Note templates:

If each payment is not paid on time, the remaining balance will be subject to interest at _____ per cent per annum, but not to exceed the maximum amount of interest permitted by the Laws of the State of Texas. When buying or selling a horse in Texas, a horse equine promissory note details the purchase and sale of the horse bought through financing.

Publisher’s Description

The note is a written statement by the borrower to promise to pay back the funds within a specific time-frame and interest rate. It enforces a borrower’s promise to pay back a sum of money to a lender within a specific time period. It provides all relevant details that is required for a promissory note.

Texas Promissory Note Secured by Real Estate

This is why banks use promissory notes when extending you a mortgage or car loan. Finally, the parties may decide whether or not to have the loan secured by collateral. EXECUTED this __________ day of _______________________, 20_____. [Payee/Seller’s Signature:] __________________________ Payee/Seller’s Printed or Typed Name:] __________________________ [Borrower/Buyer’s Signature:] __________________________ [Borrower/Buyer’s Printed or Typed Name:] __________________________ Please type or print carefully: SECURITY AGREEMENT This SECURITY AGREEMENT is made on this _____ day of ____________________, 20_____ between __________________________________________________ (“Debtor”) and __________________________________________________ (“Secured Party”). Making a promissory note legal requires inserting the right components into the document.