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Developer: OmniCom Technologies
Specifications: Version 7 release 1 build 99 includes unspecified updates.
Requirements: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista
Limitation: 30-day trial
Operation system: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista
Price: $25
License: Free to try
Version: v6.02129
Downloads: 4799

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Zenitel Norway AS reserves the right to modify designs and alter specifi cations without prior notice, in pursuance of a policy of continuous improvement. © 2009 Zenitel Norway AS. Obtain the license key for the feature from your AlphaCom distributor.

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All calls to your station will now be forwarded to the remote station and the message “Call Forwarded” will be displayed. To go back to automatic direction switching: ●… We are continually adding new features to our products. The cost of an AlphaCom license is US$25.00 per user, with a discounted rate of US$20.00 per user for quantities of 100 or more. The critical communication solution can no longer be regarded as a totally independent system isolated from data networks and their associated challenges.

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Orders are normally processed within one business day. Registration can be done by reporting the MAC-address and LAC in an e-mail to . The License Key will be shipped to the customer’s e-mail address.

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Use the same filter board with cable and connection board as ASLT. A key strength of Alpha Comm is our specialized expertise to partner with wireless carriers to provide private-label, handset-specific accessories at launch for every phone. LCM is not used with XE1 and normally not used with XE7 as this server has line connections on the backplane. Set the local time by entering values in the Date and Time fields, or enter the IP address to a Network Time Server in the New server IP Address field ● Click Apply to save changes A100K10805 AlphaCom XE – Installation, Configuration & Operation…

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Different message groups are used for different functions, hence, blocking per function as well as limiting the number of different messages for a function is possible. Direct Access Key Display Information Dual Display Station The Direct Access Key functions are shown on a display between the two key columns.

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You can have just a few or thousands of users spread around different locations. PA to global group 9101 Recorded message to group 1 9184 Auto-attendant 9550 * 805-806 in XE7 ** Default is 6 programs + OFF *** Not in Auto-load 2.5.6 System maintenance System maintenance access is restricted to the Super User station connected to physical line number 1. US$25.00 (1-99) US$20.00 (100+) US$15.00 US$12.00 US$6.00 US$35.00  Call Forwarding from Own Station To forward your calls to a remote station: ● Dial 71 + remote station number + M.

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View log ● Log in to AlphaWeb ● Select System Monitoring > Logging ● Select the log file to read ● Click Submit Search log To view a log, search the log by stepping through the log, or by date or text string search. It is a Windows product but has been known to also run on Linux via emulation. Scroll up/down the secondary menu and confi rm by pressing [Ok]. €“ The function will then be executed. €“ Return to the main menu by pressing [Esc]. €“… About this Document Document Scope This document provides a detailed step-by-step guide to the installation and configuration, as well as useful information on system management and operation, of the AlphaCom XE Audio Server product range. The backup from AlphaWeb or station can not be stored and retrieved from the AMC-IP’s flash memory if the NVRAM or SW is upgraded to a newer version.

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AlphaCom is a GUI-based RS-232/modem, Telnet and SSH client and terminal emulator. Simplex Conference (Push To Talk) There are 50 simplex conference channels available with the default numbers ranging from 8201 to 8250. €œConference off” is 8200.

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Search: ● Call the subscriber number ● Press 9 (Search list). 4.1.3 PC requirements ● Windows 2000, Windows XP ● 800 MHz or higher processor clock speed ● 256 MB of RAM or more ● 40 MB free space on the hard disk for the AlphaPro program ● 5 MB free space on the hard disk for each server to be programmed ●… Cloudflare Ray ID: 3e91965310e24f2c • Your IP: • Performance & security by

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Scroll to the middle of the next page and follow the directions to upgrade to AlphaCom 9.0. Hardware and license requirements ● Hardware: The auto-attendant feature requires AMC-IP hardware version 8000/5 or 8000/6 (Black PCB). — License: Auto-attendant requires a Basic (1 auto-attendant) or Enhanced (3 auto-attendants) Audio Messaging license. Selecting a Program To select an audio program: ● Dial the Program Number Program 1 – 6 dial 801- 806 Program 7 – 38 dial 8101 – 8132… The main fields for a normal configuration are: – Physical Number – Directory Number – Display Text… – The text should normally be the station location or the subscriber’s name. The physical numbers 605 to 635 are logical numbers inside AlphaCom XE and are reserved for VoIP AlphaNet and SIP.