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Step 1 – Download the template via the links on this page. This Note is due and payable as follows, to-wit: _____________________ (_____) [insert number of payments] equal monthly payments of $__________________ principal [insert monthly payment amount]. It is important that consumers ask the person marketing the investment whether they are licensed to sell such a product and whether the product is registered with the Securities Division. Do your homework before you invest.” “The vast majority of insurance agents are honest and competent professionals. EXECUTED this ______ day of _________, 20_____. [Borrower’s Signature:] __________________________ [Borrower’s Printed or Typed Name]: __________________________     • • • • •

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Public Land Survey System, or by a combination of the above. WASHINGTON (Bloomberg) — Government regulators accused hundreds of individuals and companies of using bogus promissory notes to bilk the elderly and other investors of hundreds of millions of dollars. I have no idea what you mean by “talk in theory,” although probably the note is on a par with the question. The form allows the parties to determine whether or not the money lent will… Download this Virginia Promissory Note Form in order to set forth a note agreement between two parties in the Commonwealth.

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Doubletree Ranch, Suite 165 Scottsdale, AZ 85258 Fax: 602-297-6890 Website: The… Download the Iowa Promissory Note Form to record a loan transaction between Iowa residents.

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Secured notes are backed by the collateral of the borrower. The promissory note we provide is a very clear, professional and simple form for you to use. Any check, draft, Money Order, or other instrument given in payment of all or any portion hereof may be accepted by the holder and handled in collection in the customary manner, but the same shall not constitute payment hereunder or diminish any rights of the holder hereof except to the extent that actual cash proceeds of such instruments are unconditionally received by the payee and applied to this indebtedness in the manner elsewhere herein provided. The SEC announced that it had filed 13 enforcement actions against 38 individuals and 22 companies accused of defrauding investors of more than $300 million.

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People lend and borrow money every day, and problems can arise if the transaction is not documented. 1-800-987-9087 A product of the Internet Legal Research Group (ILRG) Promissory Installment Note RECITATIONS: INTEREST RATE: Annual interest rate on matured, unpaid amounts shall be subject to interest at _____ per cent per annum, but not to exceed the maximum amount of interest permitted by the Laws of the State of Arizona.

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The parties may… DOWNLOAD this New Mexico Promissory Note Form which can represent a promise made by a borrower to pay back funds lent by a lender over an agreed upon period of… DOWNLOAD this New York Promissory Note Form in order to document and represent an agreement between two people from New York regarding the loaning of money. This form allows the parties to contract for a number of terms including how… DOWNLOAD this Pennsylvania Promissory Note Form to document a lending agreement between two parties in Pennsylvania. It is therefore important for a party reviewing a purchase and sale agreement to be sure that any handwritten changes that may appear in the purchase and sale agreement have been agreed to. #6. Caution #3: The Deed of Trust will not be valid unless the owner(s) of the Arizona real property owe a debt or other obligation to the lender / secured party.