Pianoteq STAGE Serial 4.1

Developer: Modartt
Specifications: Version 4.5.1 has fixed a crash in the delay effect and fixed crash with midi automation of some sliders.
Requirements: None
Limitation: Not available
Operation system: Windows XP/Vista/7
Price: $129.56
License: Free to try
Version: v4.1
Downloads: 5575

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Similarly, complex pedal effects such as half or partial pedalling can be incorporated at the heart of the sound engine. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Sound Opinions To judge the quality of what Modartt claims they did, I was able to load in the version 4 D4 piano to compare it directly to the one in version 5. A wah that tracks the input level (which is what I’ve always thought of as an auto-wah) is possible to achieve but feels a bit under-cooked. This usually means your software download has a serial number.

5 Reply by Philippe Guillaume 13-10-2014 23:00

However, if you find the D4 sounding great when listening to it on a recording away from the keyboard, then keyboard and speaker placement will be the main issue. It was the only VST that felt like a real organic instrument.

Review: Modartt Pianoteq 5.71

Thank you to MODARTT for making the upgrade process so affordable! And Pianoteq is just so bloomin’ easy to live with — it has a tiny installation footprint, offers instantaneous loading of sounds as well as brilliant playability, and runs lean and light on modern processors.

22 Reply by dklein 30-09-2017 11:13

A Mallet Bounce section causes repeated triggering of sounds and, while not much use for pianos, is perfect for recreating playing styles of the steel drum and cimbalom sounds, amongst others. There have been many ideas, there is a nice topic about using something to make the piano vibrate -I sitll have to find it as I'm interested in getting that-, Philbest likes to put the mics in the very direction that his speakers, are. Updated on 24/11/2017 If the installer is corrupted it is most likely caused by an incomplete download. These charming short pieces will touch your heart, make you laugh, and often make you think. The interface backdrop colour and texture also changes according to the piano type loaded — cute.

Pianoteq 5 Stage by Modartt

It will sound like the Standard/Pro edition in Stereophonic mode, if I am not mistaken. If you’re a live musician primarily looking to play with preset sounds with minimal editing, get the Stage version. Other faves included the steel drums, pan drums, and the stellar harpsichords.

2 Reply by kalessin 12-10-2014 20:03

It includes the entire complexity of a real piano (hammers, strings, duplex scale, pedals, and cabinet). It might be nice to see some even more keenly-priced super-bundles at some point in the future.

Pianoteq STAGE 4.5.5 + keygen crack patch

Other Pianoteq pianos don't do this, while some do. Be prepared to have some fun, here, as well as to get both good and bad results. The instrument appeared for the first time in England in the late 19th Century and is ever since part of major symphonic orchestras.

1 Topic by Ross 12-10-2014 19:32

The values are in the horizontal rows for output 1 and output 2 of the matrix diagram. For each piece of music, I ran the same MIDI file through both versions of Pianoteq with the same preset loaded.

Modartt Pianoteq 5 reviewed

If you change the Ship-To country, some or all of the items in your cart may not ship to the new destination. You may want to check out more software, such as Pianoteq STAGE, which might be to Pianoteq. I'm working on this for only the moments on I want to sit and made a composition, so this is not intend to use on record + I use an app (BOOM 3D) that expand the audio in 3D, so de FX is better on the sense of et the impression you are sitting on the front of the piano One thing that I have not understood about stereo imaging is why some tones or collections of tones image better than others. Something to try your, especially when I get my hardware MIDI Solutions velocity convertor installed, which will give me an external hardware based keyboard velocity curve editor, which will eliminate two software utilities running behind Pianoteq, while still allowing me to use the creative velocity curve given to presets, applying them on top of my keyboard correction. It’s difficult to describe — kind of like the audio equivalent of spotting CGI graphics on film — but it’s there.


Let’s see what Modartt has been up to since then. With a very simple trick I still haven’t seen around: they embedded in their player an automatic MIDI recording option. Words like “metallic”, “woody”, or “electronic” are so vague they're almost useless. So what Pianoteq actually does is simulate a recording situation.